NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The sequel to the hit 1980s movie, “Beetlejuice,” won’t hit theaters until 2024. But just in time for Halloween, a prop featured with a “Beetlejuice 2” star that a New Orleans business made is already getting showered with attention.

“One of my umbrellas will be featured for the new ‘Beetlejuice 2’ movie. I always talk to prop masters or stylists, so they are pretty secretive as to who the umbrellas are for,” Owner of Bella Umbrella Jodell Egbert said.

Egbert went on to say, “Everything I’m seeing right now has the umbrella. Jenna Ortega was seen holding it in the photo.”

Bella Umbrella is the last umbrella shop in the country. Since 2005, Egbert has been hard at work making custom-made umbrellas like the black and white hand-made “Beetlejuice” pagoda.

“I am the only umbrella in the world that makes interchangeable handles, make the handles, cut the frames. We are just embracing Halloween more so now than we have before because of the Beetlejuice movie,” she said.

It is raining opportunities for Bella Umbrella. Whether it be in movies, New Orleans second line parades and even in the hands of Superstar Mariah Carey when she used one in last year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

“I would always look at the tags to see who made the umbrellas, so when I started making my own line I wanted to know that in 100 years when someone would open up my umbrella that they’d see my tag,” Egbert said.

Bella Umbrella is located at 2036 Magazine St. It is $35 to rent a custom umbrella, and the “Beetlejuice” Umbrella is selling for $350.

On Saturday night, they will be throwing a spooky “Beetlejuice” themed party for Arts for Arts Sake with specialty cocktails and a look at their Halloween-themed umbrellas. You can also take pictures with the “Beetlejuice 2” umbrella.

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