NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Disney’s new animated movie, “Wish,” will be out just in time for the holidays. WGNO’s Kenny Lopez spoke to actor Alan Tudyk, the voice behind “Valentino” the goat in the animated movie.

Tudyk’s voiced several other Disney characters in Disney movies such as “Wreck It Ralph,” “Frozen,” and “Moana” over the years, so what makes “Valentino” in “Wish” stand out?

“His voice is similar to mine. It’s just a bit lower and enthusiastic all the time. The voice encompasses his thrill for life, he’s very excited. Even when he doesn’t like something, there’s a scene where he jumps in the ocean and says, ‘I cannot swim’ while in the air,” Tudyk said.

There’s lots of adventures to be had in “Wish.” The story is about a girl named Asha who wishes on a star, but the troublemaking star comes down from the sky. Valentino is Asha’s faithful sidekick.

“This is an original story and I hope people see it because it is about hope and there’s a lot of joy in this film. That’s something we can all use right now, a lot of laughter,” Tudyk said.

Tudyk says in his life he’s made many wishes of his own.

“I have wished upon many stars. I wished to be in showbiz,” Tudyk said.

Will our wishes come true to hear Tudyk talking in a Louisiana Cajun accent?

“Oh man, I can’t do that accent. It is an incredible accent. I wish I could,” Tudyk said.

But he can wish our Saints good luck!

“Go Saints, the team,” Tudyk said.

‘Wish’ is now playing in select theaters starting the weekend of Nov. 18 and opens everywhere nationwide the weeknd of Nov. 20.

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