NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Spooky season is in full swing, and with Halloween on the way, you may be looking for some thrilling activities to get you into the spirit.

With Louisiana’s rich history and culture, those seeking a frightening night don’t have to look far. You can take a tour of a haunted house, visit a “haunted” hotel, dine at a spirited restaurant or get your own pair of vampire fangs.

Whether you’re looking for an eerie activity for Friday the 13th or just want to immerse yourself in the Halloween festivities, WGNO put together a list of 13 places and experiences to check out this spooky season.

Tour a Haunted House

1. The Mortuary

Located on Canal Street, the Mortuary was “built in 1872 and operated for about 80 years as an actual MORTUARY,” according to its website. This year’s “Legend of the Mortuary” is “Blood Wedding.”

  • 4800 Canal St., New Orleans

2. RISE Haunted House

RISE Haunted House in Tickfaw has three attractions this year including the Haunted House, the Risewell Asylum and the Haunted Hayride. According to its website, the haunted house invites guests to “Wander through the once abandoned Bed & Breakfast of Henry Risewell, a wealthy entrepreneur, who in a desperate move to save his deceased wife and son, awakened dark souls of the once dead.”

  • 10342 Hwy 442, Tickfaw

3. Ghost Manor

According to the Ghost Manor website, the house was originally built in 1892 and “has its share of ghosts and memories from all the people who have called it home.” This haunted display is known for its unique digital elements and features flying ghosts, singing skeletons, dancing zombies and more.

  • Corner of Magazine and Second streets, New Orleans

4. New Orleans Nightmare

New Orleans Nightmare is offering three different haunted attractions including The Deadlands, Repossessed and Midnight Mortuary Blood Ritual. In addition to the attractions, visitors can also expand their experience with additional activities including a secret horror-themed bar, mini escape rooms, Bar 13 and a haunted experience called “Phobia: Sensory Overload.”

  • 319 Butterworth St., Jefferson

5. Decomposed Haunted House

This Houma haunted attraction is located at the old naval blimp base and includes a haunted house and coffin ride simulator called “The Last Ride” where riders are loaded “into a hot rod hearse, hit every bump in the road along the way and when the ride stops – well let’s just say that’s where the real adventure starts,” according to the Decomposed Haunted House Facebook page.

  • 148 Clendenning Rd., Houma

Take a Trip to a “Haunted” Hotel

6. Andrew Jackson Hotel

According to its website, the Andrew Jackson Hotel housed an orphanage and a boarding school before a fire reportedly burned it down in 1774 with five boys inside. The website states that guests have reported sightings of ghosts inside the hotel including “the ghost of young “Armand,” waking up guests with laughter or pushing them out of the bed.”

  • 919 Royal St., New Orleans

7. Haunted Hotel

This French Quarter hotel claims to be “New Orleans’ oldest and best-known Haunted Hotel.” According to the Haunted Hotel website, the hotel was built in 1829 and New Orleans serial killer The Axeman was known to stay there. The website states that “nearly a dozen murders” have taken place at the hotel in the past 200 years.

  • 623 Ursulines Ave., New Orleans

Dine (or Imbibe) at Restaurants with Spooky Vibes

8. Muriel’s

This New Orleans restaurant is known to have a resident ghost as well as a few ghost sightings. According to the Muriel’s website, a table with bread and wine is always reserved for Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan, whose spirit staff believes to have “never left his true love and home in New Orleans; he continues to reside here to this day.” The website states that guests have also had paranormal experiences in the restaurant’s Seance Lounge.

  • 801 Chartres St., New Orleans

9. Vampire Cafe

Get a vampire-friendly dining experience at the Vampire Cafe. According to its website, extra measures are taken to make sure guests, human or vampire, are comfortable including the use of gold utensils. Guests can also get a selection of drinks served in a blood bag.

  • 801 Royal St., New Orleans

10. Potions Lounge
Sip on a potion at a “vampire owned and operated” Bourbon Street speakeasy. According to the Potions website, all you have to do to get in on the secret is enter the Boutique du Vampyre and speak with the vampire staff to get the password and location.

  • 709 St. Ann St., New Orleans

11. Vampire Apothecary

Grab a coffee, tea, or cocktail with a magical inspiration and get your own pair of fangs installed at Vampire Apothecary. This French Quarter cafe also offers unique bites, tarot card readings and tea leaf readings.

  • 725 St. Peter St., New Orleans

Watch a Scary Movie…or See the Tomb of a Movie Star

This is the Prytania Theatre’s 106th year

12. Prytania Theatre

The Prytania Theatre is playing classic horror movies such as “Scream,” “Halloween,” “The Shining” and more throughout the month of October at its Uptown location. You can also catch the late-night “Rocky Horror Picture Show” experience.

  • 5339 Prytania St., New Orleans

13. Nicolas Cage’s Tomb

While Nicolas Cage may still be alive, he’s purchased a pyramid-shaped tomb for himself in New Orleans’ St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. To visit the cemetery, you must be accompanied by a tour guide as it is not open to the general public, according to Atlas Obscura.

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