At The Waldorf School of New Orleans students  become critical thinkers who are curious about the world, connected to their communities, and confident shaping them.

Waldorf Education: Learning to Change the World

Learning to Change the World is our motto, but what does that mean? To us it has a double meaning. It means we give our students an education that imparts the skills to tackle any challenge they encounter. It also means that our philosophy is one that sets out to make the world a better place. Lofty ambitions? Perhaps. But once you meet our students, you’ll see why we have full confidence in them and our approach that helps to shape them into the thoughtful, conscientious, and unique people they are.

The Main Campus is located at the Rose Collaborative, 2539 Columbus St, New Orleans, LA 70119.

For information about The Waldorf School of New Orleans, visit or call (504) 525-2420.