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Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating is a long lasting coating that gives the appearance of fresh, rich paint but offers the longevity of vinyl siding products.



Why just "PAINT," when you can "GO RHINO SHIELD"?!

The success and growth of Rhino Shield speaks for itself. Over the last decade, we have spread our services throughout the country and currently have dealers in nearly every state. Rhino Shield of Louisiana is the exclusive provider of our technologically advanced ceramic coatings for all of Louisiana We strive hard to surpass your expectations and are certain you'll enjoy our quality products. Rhino Shield continues to help homeowners and businesses eliminate the ongoing and costly expenses of exterior maintenance. For the best look, at an affordable price, choose Rhino Shield of Louisiana!

Louisiana, Never Paint Again!

Rhino Shield serves you! We are a local Louisiana company that understands the unique needs of this region. Traditional outdoor paint only lasts a few years before you are looking at a major repainting project. This constant maintenance can become expensive and cumbersome. Rhino Shield is different. It is the most protective and longest-lasting product on the market for home exteriors. Rhino Shield’s quality ceramic coatings stand head and shoulders above the paint jobs of the past, and that's because "It's Not Paint!"

Our local, award-winning company offers Louisiana a revolutionary alternative in home exterior coverage and protection. Rhino Shield doesn’t JUST protect your home. It gives your home the fresh, clean look of a new paint job, and will save you money on maintenance and repair costs. Rhino Shield is being used to protect and beautify homes from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, and all over Louisiana. Don’t waste another dime on traditional outdoor paint.

Call Us When You're in Need of Exterior House Painting

Much More Than Your Typical Paint Job

  • Rhino Shield saves you money over time because our ceramic coating technology removes the need for frequent house repainting
  • Looks like exterior latex paint but dries to an 8 to 9 times greater mil thickness and is available in an endless array of colors
  • BASF and many top ASTM laboratories have found Rhino Shield to be superior against competitors through years of intense testing against extreme heat, cold, moisture, exposure, and many other different environments
  • Boasts eco-friendly qualities: Rhino Shield contains low VOCs and is nontoxic, low odor and nonflammable
  • Seals your home to help prevent mold, mildew, and algae growth
  • “Breathable” coating seals against outdoor elements, while still allowing gasses to escape, preventing breakdown of coating
  • Effective on any home surface: wood, brick, vinyl, HardiePlank®, block, and stucco


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