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LAPLACE, La (WGNO) —Over the past year, several ziplining companies have added to the uniqueness of Louisiana’s tourism. The closest to New Orleans is Zip NOLA, who offers visitors with the experience of gliding next to Lake Ponchartrain, in the wild ambiance of the Maurepas Swamp. It is the country’s first fully aquatic zipline.

Tyler Richardson is the founder and co-owner of Zip NOLA. Richardson has a fiery passion for both South Louisiana and adventure and he has ziplined in places like Chicago, the Dominican Republic and Louisiana.

Richardson says, “It really does provide thrill in a nice scenic view; two of my favorite things combined.”

Adventure is not at its best without a bit of peril and Zip NOLA had to fight through a pandemic as a new business and Richardson says, “we’ve had so many hurdles with COVID. Last year’s hurricane season was a major hurdle as well. We also had the logistical nightmare of constructing ziplines in a swamp.”

After delaying opening for over a year, Zip NOLA officially opened in July 2021.

The experience takes place four stories up, in the canopy of cypress trees; where thrillseekers are at a pelican’s eye level. There are about 20 thousand feet of zipline.

There is plenty of wildlife around and the zipline instructors double as swamp tour guides, as they talk about the intrigue of Louisiana’s swamps. Visitors see alligators, snakes, ancient moss-covered cypress trees, water lilies, white-tailed deer and wild boar. It’s a good time in Louisiana’s paradise. Yet despite the surroundings, mysteriously, the mosquitos are NOT a problem.

Zipliners at large, use a hand break system. Zip NOLA uses a magnetic breaking system, which eliminates the worries of having to know when and how to break for a landing.

Zip NOLA is open everyday from 8:00am to 8:00pm

To experience Zip NOLA click here.