‘You Honk, We Drink’ Sign Brings Lakeview Neighbors Closer


Family Hopes Sign Brings Humor During COVID-19 Outbreak

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NEW ORLEANS, LA – A Lakeview family is making the best of Social Distancing by having a little fun with their neighbors.

 “It’s a sign in our front yard. It’s pretty simple. It says, you honk, we drink.” Said Bryan Thayer.

Thayer says he wanted to bring humor to his neighbors on Fleur De Lis Drive and strangers riding by, as we all struggle with the COVID-19 outbreak.

“It is our fair share of doing our part to keep the alcohol stores successful.” Joked Thayer, “kind of a break from the day to day almost negative outlook that a lot of people seem to be developing as this thing draws on.”

Apparently, neighbors can’t get enough of the signs!

“They love it! They will sit out on their porches or out in their driveways and kind of join in!” Said Kelsey Williams.

Thayer and Williams

Williams and Thayer say they get so many honks, sometimes people even drive around to honk again!

“We try and pace the drinking well. We stick to mixed drinks and beer so it doesn’t get completely out of control.” Laughed Thayer and Williams.

“We’re hoping that this whole situation with everyone being in close quarters and having to find ways to entertain themselves, will have everyone coming out of the back end of this better off and a better sense of togetherness.”

This Saturday on Fleur De Lis Drive, you can donate mask, gloves and sanitizer for others in need. A box will be on the street for easy drop off.


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