Workout & discussions: Fitness Trainers fighting for equality & peace


NEW ORLEANS– A group of fitness trainers are making a change! They are incorporating discussions about inequality and peace into their workouts.

Jarren Pierce, a Fitness Professional at Equip Fitness fiercely works on his physique. For him it is much more than just fitness goals. He’s striving for unity in the community.

“Because of what’s going on in the world with all the racial disparity, and the peace that is not here, I feel there needs to be some change,” Pierce said.

Jarren and other fitness trainers are teaming up to have real discussions about equality after they workout.

“If I’m the instructor telling someone to do ten push-ups and I am a different color than another person and I’m able to motivate that person to get that job done, that creates some sort of peace among each other. Every time you workout endorphins are released, mentally you are focused to have that talk to talk about those points of interest. Start the process of reducing racism that’s going on in the world,” he said.

He believes it is a powerful thing to discuss these issues.

“It angers me that on this Earth we are all humans and if you were to cut each one of us we would all bleed the same color. I’m this to create peace together where people don’t look at another person and say I can’t talk to that person based on what they look like,” he said.

A special event with fitness trainers and a discussion on inequality and peace was held at Lakeside Mall last week.

For more information about Equip Fitness, click HERE.


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