METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) — On June 1, a local business owner was notified that his worst nightmare had become a reality.

John Ehrhardt, the owner of Southshore Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, and Knives, says he’s been running this business in Metairie for 12 years and has never experienced any burglaries, until now.

Metairie vape shop burglarized, windows smashed

He provided WGNO with a video that showed a suspect breaking the glass from the front door and stealing over $14,000 dollars worth of watches.

Ehrhardt said the burglary happened fast, in just a few minutes, as seen on the surveillance video.

He said it is scary.

“You spend the night checking your cameras and don’t know what else to do and wait for the next time, hopefully, there is not the next time.”

Ehrhardt mentioned that another local business called Vape On was also robbed. WGNO reporter Michaela Romero went to the local business and witnessed a broken window being covered up on the outside of the store.

Inside the business, there was a hole big enough for someone to get through.

Neighbors also told WGNO that they heard Best Buy was broken into this past month as well, but WGNO spoke with a Best Buy manager who said that no incident had happened in June.

Ehrhardt said, “This is the sign of the times.”

He also said that a lot more crime is happening right now.

“They do have a lot of people walking at night more than usual that I see and can’t do anything about that, I just hope I don’t get broken into again.”

WGNO reached out to JPSO but has received no additional information on the incidents.