NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — New Orleans police have arrested a second suspect in a reckless driving investigation from June. It’s part of the latest Wheel of Justice report.

In June, the NOPD announced multiple suspects in the case. Three of them were juveniles, so their names were not released. Two were not and were identified by police as 26-year-old Eduardo Gomez and 21-year-old Tyler McKinney, both of New Orleans.

Photo of suspect Tyler McKinney provided by NOPD. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

Within days, police announced the arrest of Gomez. But court records show McKinney wasn’t arrested until this week, on August 28.

McKinney was booked with the following charges

                           1  RS 14  329.2                BOND:       5,000.00
                              INCITING A RIOT                         
                           1  RS 14  38                   BOND:       2,500.00
                              SIMPLE ASSAULT                          
                           1  RS 14  69                   BOND:       2,500.00
                              ILL POSS OF STOLEN THINGS               
                           1  RS 14  95.1                 BOND:      35,000.00
                              POSS OF A FIREARM OR WEAPON BY FELON    
                           1  RS 14  96                   BOND:       5,000.00
                              AGG OBSTRUCTION OF A HIGHWAY OF COMMERCE
                           1  RS 14  108 (C)              BOND:       5,000.00
                              RESISTING AN OFFICER                    
                           1  RS 14  56(A)(1)             BOND:       5,000.00
                              SIMPLE CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO PROPERTY      
                           1  RS 14  103(A)(4)            BOND:       2,500.00
                              DISTURB PEACE/FIGHT 3 OR MORE(DOM VIOL) 
                           1  RS 14  68                   BOND:       5,000.00
                              UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A MOVEABLE          
                           1  RS 14  62                   BOND:       5,000.00
                              SIMPLE BURGLARY                         
                           1  RS 14  67.26(A)(3)          BOND:       2,500.00
                              THEFT OF A MOTOR VEHICLE                

In all, bond for McKinney was set at $75k. His next hearing was set for October 29.

McKinney’s arrest was included in the latest Wheel of Justice report that also focused on another reckless driving case that included video of more than a dozen people riding dirt bikes or ATVs through the intersection of South Carrollton Avenue and Earhart Boulevard on August 21.

To see the latest Wheel of Justice report, including the footage of the dirt bike and ATV riders, watch the video at the top of this story.

If you have information that could help police solve the latest Wheel of Justice report, call CrimeStoppers at 504-822-1111. You don’t have to reveal your name or testify in court, and you could earn a cash reward.

So far, more than 440 people have been booked after their cases rolled on the Wheel of Justice.