What does the house COVID-19 restriction petition mean for Louisiana residents?

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(KTVE/KARD) It is also known as the Petition to Terminate State of Public Health Emergency, which in this case would be COVID-19 restrictions only. The majority of the house approved it 65 to 105.

This would mean everything from closures to limited capacities, even mask madates for every resident and business would be lifted for 7 days, rolling back to how the state opertated prior to the pandemic.

This would also hamper the Governor from issuing any further restrictions for 7 days after the petition is signed. Once those 7 days are up he can sign new orders.

House Republicans state the current restrictions in place are doing more harm than good.
“Some of the businesses that are out there… people can get back to some normal frames of life. we’ve seen a massive drop-off in traditional preventative care and it doesn’t mean that there’s 30 percent less cancer… 30 percent less heart disease.. it just means that people have been literally scared to go out.” says Republican Representative Michael Echols of District 14.

While house democrats believe this would put more Louisiana residents at risk

“A lot of people would like to see everything open… like you and I, I’d like to see everything open. but I don’t want to take a chance of losing lives or getting more people contacted with the coronavirus.” says Democratic Representative Francis Thompson of District 19.

At this point we’re in a grey area, which ultimately leaves it up to residents and businesses on what they want to do. And the petition could head down the judicial road.

Should a resident or business get in trouble for resuming normal operations, it can be taken to the Attorney General’s Office to file an injunction. It is unclear if Governor John Bel Edwards will officially sign off on the petition, but representatives say it is state law.

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