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It has come to our attention that certain YouTube TV subscribers’ custom channel guides are not repopulating with the ABC/Disney/ESPN and ABC Affiliate channels following the renewal of the ABC/Disney-YouTube TV Agreement, and the extension of the current ABC YouTube TV OTT Opt-In Agreement, earlier this week. 

Google has sent its subscribers (via Tweet) an explanation of the issue and instructions for restoring their local ABC station and ABC/Disney/ESPN channels to their program guides.

Those instructions are as follows:

  • On a computer or mobile device, go to your Live tab
  • Select Sort > Edit
  • Either select ‘Default’ to see all channels, or customize with the individual channels you would like to see on your guide
  • Once set, your guide will update on all devices

The instructions can also be found at YouTube TV Help [].

We understand the frustration and confusion caused by this issue, but we’re hopeful that the YouTube TV Help page will allow subscribers to make any necessary updates to their channel guides easily.