NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The owner of a missing Quaker Parrott named “Mr.Bingle” is asking for the public’s help in locating his pet.

Randy Slavich, the owner of the parrot, hasn’t seen his pet since March 22, when the tornado hit the Arabi community.

Family members think Mr.Bingle flew away after the tornado.

Mr.Bingle is one year old, blue/ green colored, and knows a lot of words according to Slavich who said he misses him dearly.

“He knows the word treat! He says Mr. Bingle is a good boy! All kinds of stuff! I will miss him dearly! Great personality! I hope someone out there will notice him and maybe call his name and maybe catch him! I will give a reward if anyone catches him, although that is asking a lot!” said Slavich. 

According to Mr.Slavichs daughter, Mr.Bingle answers to “Mr.Bingle” and will fly to you when you say “Mr.Bingle come.”

Family members also said the Parrot also knows the Who Dat chant.