The National Weather Service New Orleans has released additional information on Tuesday night’s Arabi tornado, now classified as a strong EF-3 with 160 mile-per-hour winds, an 11.5-mile path, and a 320-yard width.

This is just 6 miles per hour below EF-4 ratings, making it now the strongest tornado on record in metropolitan New Orleans since 2017’s tornado had 150 miles per hour winds.

The tornado touched down at 7:21 p.m. 1 mile east of Harvey in Jefferson Parish and remained on the ground until 7:38 p.m. 3 miles east of New Orleans in Orleans Parish. It was on the ground for about 17 minutes.

On the Enhanced Fujita scale, an EF-3 tornado has winds between 136 mph and 165 mph.

NWS also says the tornado was on the ground for 11.5 miles, moving from Gretna through Arabi and into New Orleans East.

At least one person was killed during the severe storm, according to St. Bernard Parish President Guy McInnis, and the victim has been identified as 25-year-old Connor Lambert. 2 others were injured.