Westwego Pit Bull Ordinance Could Make Ownership Tougher

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pitbullIt could soon become tougher to own a pit bull on the West Bank.

Westwego council members will soon consider proposed changes to the pit bull ordinance.

“When she walked in the door and closed it, before she could turn around they four year old pit-bull grabbed her.”

He’s talking about the vicious pit-bull attack that happened last month on avenue a.

His wife of 39-years was mauled inside her own home so badly she lost an eye, an ear, and nearly died.

“Tell me about your wife’s injuries? They mauled her arms beyond repair so they cut off maybe four inches below the shoulder blade.”

The attack is in part the motivation behind efforts to amend Westwego’s pit bull ordinance.

“It’s not to restrict ownership, it’s to regulate ownership.”

Mayor john Shaddinger says the proposed amendment is intended to improve

Public safety.

Restrictions include the dogs’ owners be at least 21 years old and have at least 100-thousand dollars in liability insurance.

It would include stiffer restraints inside and out of the home.

Pitt owners would also have to post warning signs, have their pet spayed or neutered, and have a microchip implanted.

“I mean these are things that normal responsible pet owners already do.”

“I think it’s probably a pretty good law. I’ve seen stray pit bulls around here before and it’s really scared me when I’m outside with my 1-year old.”

And that’s why Clarence Allen supports proposed changes.

“I would hate for anybody to have to go through what my wife went through.”

All four dogs were shot and killed by officers who rescued his wife.

“she died three times in the ambulance, but by the grace of god she’s still living. Walking, talking; baby I can still see, and praising god. And that’s what we gonna do for the rest of our life.”

The mayor says DNA testing would be required for pit bull mixes.

The ordinance would apply to animals that are more than

50-percent pit bull.

The ordinance still has to be vetted by the full council.

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