“We could’ve died,” Missouri mother grateful to survive hail storm

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KOLR) — A mother of five was pelted by hail in a thunderstorm last week and suffered several injuries.

Gina Langston and her brother were out hunting Morel Mushrooms when the hail came down fast, and they were unable to get back to their car.

Langston said the weather was nice at first, and they thought they could just head back to their car once it started raining.

“We were hit so hard, it was hard to think,” said Langston. “We knew there was a storm coming. We planned on once it started raining to head back to the car and go home. No big deal. But it really just started with 75-per-hour winds and ping-pong-sized hail. There wasn’t really any time to get back to the car.”

They had no idea the hail would come down this fast.

“If the hail was any bigger, coming down any harder, I’m almost positive we would have died,” Langston said. “We held each other behind a few trees. It was very scary. I felt really bad for putting him in that spot. Whenever I looked up, I got hit in the face with hail, and it broke my nose.”

Jamie Warriner, KOLR’s chief meteorologist, said the storms moved into the area around mid-morning Sunday.

“They came with some gusty winds, but the big story from that morning was the hail,” Warriner said, adding that they came with “very heavy rainfall.”

Said Langston: “It was really hard to see because the rain was coming down so hard.”

Langston’s mother-in-law had to come and pick them up after their car got stuck in the mud.

“She wasn’t just crying for the damage to her house. She was crying because she knew that I was okay,” said Langston.

Warriner said not every severe thunderstorm is the same. “There are so many warnings issued across the course of a year, but on those rare instances, you can have some very dangerous weather with those storms.”

“Knowing what I know now, I’m not saying I wouldn’t have went out. I just would’ve stayed a lot closer to the car,” said Langston.

Photos of the hail injuries:

Read Langston’s first-person account of the incident at the Vedette.


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