Warning from a Denham Springs woman, scammers claimed Steve Harvey was bringing her a large check



DENHAM SPRINGS – She didn’t fall for the scam, but that doesn’t mean others won’t.

A woman in Denham Springs is doing her part to warn others about lottery scams.

According to the Better Business Bureau, (BBB) the woman received a phone call, saying that she had won $625,000 and a brand new truck. The caller claimed to be with Publishing Clearing House.

“I knew what it was, I had this scam before. But I was seeing what I could get out of him,” said the woman.

The scammer said he was going to come bring the money right to her door, and even sweetened the deal by saying that celebrity Steve Harvey would be coming with him.

But the scammer said she had to pay him $300 up front, before she could get the money. 

“Why do I have to pay him something, if he’s going to bring the money here,” said the woman.

The BBB says this is an example of a Sweepstakes, Lottery and Prize Scam.

”I’m 85 years old and I’m glad I’ve never fallen for their scams. You should be ashamed to call an elderly woman and try to scam them,” said the woman. 



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