Happy Sunday as a frigid one continues across southeast Louisiana. Another cold front raced to town bringing possible severe threats yesterday, then the arctic blast started.

Bundle up as temperatures are only rising into the upper 40s today. Wind behind the front will continue whipping, as well, making it feel much colder.

A Wind Advisory was issued from last night to noon today. This is now expired, but it’s still quite windy out there.

Here’s what you woke up to today. Last Sunday broke the record forecast for warmest ever January 9th locally as highs reached 82 degrees. Overnight, the 30s will return across both sides of Lake Pontchartrain and most spots will flirt with 30s just above freezing again.

Most pipes will be fine tonight, but we’ll need to remember the other 3P’s by Monday morning. Remember the 3P’s are people, pets, and plants if your neighborhood will be below 38 degrees for several hours. Add a Wind Chill, and your pets certainly need to be indoors. Secure loose items, too, to avoid flying trash cans, furniture, etc. The forecast for tomorrow will be sunny but cold. As the week continues, anticipate a gradual warm up.

We’ll have more information on WGNO News at 5PM and 10PM Sunday.