Want to be blessed by a Christmas cookie?


Sisters of the Holy Family are back baking this season

NEW ORLEANS – Now, a question for a nun.

The nun is Sister Clara Jackson.

The question is this from WGNO’S Bill Wood,  “Sister Clara, what’s the secret ingredient in your famous pecan Christmas cookies?”

Sister Clara leads a chorus of Christmas cookie helpers who say, “the secret ingredient is love!”

Sister Clara says, “that cookie brings joy and it’s so delicious you have to eat more than one. “

If you are hungry for the holidays, Sister Clara Jackson has found THE sweet treat for the season of seasons.

It’s those cookies baked with a heaping, helping of love.

How do they make the cookies?

With a meat slicer, a machine made to cut baloney and ham in a deli.

That’s  the secret weapon in the battle to bake Christmas cookies which look like they’ve been on a holiday diet.

They’re  lean and crispy.

Light and lean and wafer-thin.

Thin like a Pringles Potato Chip.

Or as Sister Clara says thin like, “like Oprah on Weight Watchers.”

This time of year, Sister Clara Jackson becomes Santa Claus.  And the sister as Santa has a bakery full of elves.

Her elves don’t get a paycheck.

They’re all volunteers.

They volunteer to fill tins full of the icebox pecan cookies .

They make them and bake them for Sister Clara’s order, the New Orleans nuns who run Sisters of the Holy Family.

From the money they make from the cookies, the sisters help the poor.

Making Christmas sweeter with cookies is a 20-year tradition for the Sisters of the Holy Family.

From the freezer, they roll out the dough made about a month ago. The dough goes to that meat slicer.  Then the cookies pop into the oven for three minutes at 350 degrees.

If you would like to order some of the Christmas cookies from the Sisters of the Holy Family, you can go to their website by clicking right here, please.

Or call or visit them:

6901 Chef Menteur Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70126

Phone(504) 241-3088


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