Extreme Weather Could Help Grand Isle Extreme Business

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Water spouts in Grand Isle gave one wake boarder the ride of a lifetime.

“It was definitely the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” says Robert Vegas who just opened Wake Side Cable Park just six weeks ago.

The moment water spouts formed over Grand Isle is when Vegas grabbed the camera and handed it to his girlfriend, “ We tried doing a couple of tricks to get a good shot of it.”

His video is blowing-up on-line.

Now the extreme weather could help the man’s extreme business.

A tow rope is attached to a pulley on a cable strung across two towers powered by a motor controlled by Vegas, “Ten minutes is your round. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall. You could wakeboard, you can hydro slide, tube, wake skate, wake surf. Whatever you want to get pulled by really.”

And who woulda thunk? Those Grand Isle water spouts are helping, “Facebook sharing it then one person shares it with an another,” says Vegas.

Wake Side offers lessons and birthday parties. Call for reservations.

The costs is about thirty five dollars for the first ride, twenty for any ride after, depending on if you bring your own board.


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