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A strict policy in Sweden postponed a puppy from getting it’s package!

Marie Palmgren is Chaya Palmgren’s fur Mom. She returned home recently to a note from her postal service saying she had a package to pick up from the post office.

The only problem is, it was addressed to her dog Chaya.

A family friend sent Chaya a new dog toy and thought she was being cute addressing it to the dog. Little did she know what a headache it would cause!

The post office wouldn’t let Marie sign for the package since it was actually sent to Chaya and insisted on seeing Chaya’s ID and signature.

Not knowing what else to do, Marie dug through old papers until she found Chaya’s registration papers and returned to the post office.

The post office accepted it as proof but still needed Chaya to sign for the package… which she did with her paw.

A happy ending for Chaya. She finally got her new toy, but it certainly caused her owner some stress!

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