Teen saves three families in St. Martinville apartment complex fire

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ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (KLFY) — One mother, her two children, and two other residents were displaced from their homes after an early morning apartment fire at the Cypress Gardens apartment complex in st. Martinville.

If it wasn’t for a 19-year old boy’s courageous response to the fire, the outcome of this story could’ve been different. The hero, who wishes to remain anonymous says it happened around 5 a.m. He was getting ready for work when he heard his grandmother screaming for help. That’s when he noticed what was going on.

“Next thing you know. I looked and the whole apartment was smoking,” he said.

Without thinking twice he immediately took off to save the other families in the apartment building.

“I picked up the windows, ran out, and went and helped the neighbors,” he said.

Residents impacted by the flames say they didn’t know their apartment was on fire until they heard someone banging on the door. They say smoke alarms did not go off. The teen says his grandmother was rushed to the hospital due to carbon monoxide inhalation. She is back home and in stable condition.

The other residents seemed to be ok. The 19-year old is being praised for his bravery. He says he did what he hopes anyone else would do in that situation.

“I’m just thankful that everybody is good and I was able to help the ones that I did.”

Just moments after talking to the 19-year old, an argument between apartment managers and the family of those impacted by the fire broke out. Most residents said the poor conditions of the apartments were what caused the fire. There were threats of eviction. Law enforcement was called back to the property by managers to settle the dispute.

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