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(WGNO) – An app designed to tell you a dog’s breed by simply snapping a photo has become the latest time-wasting viral sensation as people slowly found out it works on humans too.

The Fetch! app and its website identifies and classifies dog breeds using artificial intelligence.

But the app created by Microsoft Garage works on humans too scanning human faces and taking its best guess on what kind of “dog” the person is.

So naturally, we ran the whole news team through the app.

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The morning team


Anne Cutler

What dog is Anne

Jacki Jing

What dog is Jacki

Hank Allen

What dog is Hank Allen


News With A Twist



What dog is Susy 2


What dog is LBJ

Curt Sprang

What dog is Curt

Martha Spencer

What dog is Martha

Dr. Rachel

What dog is Dr. Rachel


Our reporters


Kenny Lopez

What dog is kenny

Wild Bill

What dog is wild bill


What dog is zurk

Meghan Kluth

What dog is Meghan

Jabari Thomas

What dog is Jabari

Jacqueline Mazur

What dog is Jacqueline

Stephanie Oswald

What dog is Stephanie

Jason Disharoon

What dog is jason


The Sports Team


Ed Daniels

What dog is Ed

Robert O’Shields

What dog is Robert

Chelsi McDonald

What dog is Chelsi