Meet Tumbles: 3D-printer wheelchair helps two-legged dog get around

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He acts like any puppy would, but this little terrier was born without his two front legs. Meet six-week-old Tumbles. Tumbles'sĀ adopted mother Karen Pilcher says if she didn't rescue him, she felt no one would. But Tumbles won't be scooting across the floor much longer, thanks to a 3D printer at Ohio University.

Joe Jollick is building wheels for Tumbles. He says it's the first functional prosthetic they build using the 3D printer.

The "sled" as he calls it, came from Brad Reed, a specialist who heard about Tumbles troubles on Facebook.

It will take five hours for the high-tech scanner to lay down the microscopic plastic beads that will form the wheels and axle, and another eight hours to build a "u" shaped harness.

The sled will allow Tumbles to lie on the breast-plate. His back legs will push the wheels in front.

In case you were wondering, the 3D printer used to give Tumbles mobility costs around $250,000.


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