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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Finding the baby usually means you buy the next king cake. With Blue Bikes, finding the baby could mean you win 12 months of rides.

Starting February 16, 2022, riders who find the baby on a bike and post photos on social media will be entered to win a one-year Blue Bikes membership ($300 value).

About one-fifth of the Blue Bikes have a kind of cake baby hidden within their design.

Customers who ride the bikes and find the baby can post a picture on social media and tag (@BlueBikesNOLA) and use the hashtag (#SearchingForBabyBlue.)

Those who do will be entered to win the contest. Just like you need to look before you bite into that slice of king cake, check the whole bike before you ride – babies are featured in different places on the bikes, and some are harder to spot than others.

In addition to the one-year membership grand prize, Blue Krewe will select winners for other prizes, including helmets, T-shirts, and other swag items.

After the contest ends on March 4, Blue Krewe will select a grand prize winner through a random drawing of all riders who entered the social contest.

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