FL man fired for farting at work Instagram account

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Doug aka Paul Flart is a former hospital security guard from Florida that was recently terminated after his employers discovered his “farting at work” Instagram account.

That account has gone viral with over 70,000 followers. Reddit burned down the page on Tuesday with Paul Flart compilations, helping to raise his profile too.

Upon arriving to work last week, Paul was served termination papers in the parking lot. His supervisor argued… via Instagram live… against his will… that Flart was recording this series of videos in their uniform on the hospital property.

Flart counter arguing, live on social media, that no logos were seen or venue mentioned.

In the end, he lost the argument and the job. He recently started a GoFundMe account and has raised all of $380 of the $10,000 he hopes to collect.

Paul says that his goal is to make a living developing fart content for the internet.

Dream big, Paul. Dream big.

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