Violent brawl breaks out between a security guard and guests in downtown hotel


Atlanta, GA (WGCL) — A violent brawl making the rounds on social media Wednesday. A security guard stopped two women in their tracks at an Atlanta hotel.

According to an incident report from the Atlanta Police Department, the guard first addressed the women at the front of Hyatt Place Hotel.

The guard told police the women were smoking weed on the patio. He asked for their room number.

The women shouted, “We got a whole room” but refused to answer.

The security guard asked them to leave, however, the group of males with the two females began to push through the door, taking the females in with them.

The guard followed them and attempted to stop them at the elevator.

The guard screamed,“no!” as the women push their way through the sliding doors.

The security guard and the two women go blows to blows in a vicious fight. The crowd egging on the violence.

The Atlanta Police Department have yet to identify the women involved in that fight. They are working to determine the circumstances surrounding this incident.

We reached out to the security guard to get his side of the story, and we are waiting to hear back.

According to APD, he does want to press charges.

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