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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Police say her son’s death was caused by complications from illegal silicone injections. Now that mom is talking about the arrest warrant issued for the accused killer.

“He is dangerous; he’s a monster,” said the victim’s mother, Lessie Hall.

Police want Larry Bernard (“Armani Nicole davenport”) behind bars.

The highly decorated transgendered pageant queen is accused of giving the illegal silicone injections that put Brad Hall, (Breneisha) in a coma, back in October 2013.

The victim’s mother said by phone Wednesday night that it’s never been a question of who performed the black market injections.

“Because I was on the phone with Brad between 9 o’clock and 10:30,” Hall said. “When he got off the phone he told me he was waiting on him to come pump him, and I told Brad don’t do it, and he said he’s going to do it because he want hips for Halloween.”

Armani was first arrested and booked with the misdemeanor charge of Negligent Injuring.

When “Breneisha” died January 1st, 2014 detectives took another look at the case, and charges were eventually upgraded to felony Negligent Homicide.

During “Bre’s” 2-month stay in the hospital, family members say the accused showed no remorse.

“He never gave me a phone call, said he’s sorry or none of that,” Hall said. “So had it been an accident he would have showed some kind of concern. He showed nothing.”

New Orleans Police obtained an arrest warrant Tuesday and searched without success for Armani at her Baton Rouge home, located at 3461 Oswego Street.

It’s believed the 33-year old currently lives in Dallas.

“Bre’s” family thinks Armani will be hard to find.

“Because he could cut the hair off, but he can’t cut his breast off because they’re pumped in him, but he could go back to a male looking, you know what I’m saying.”

Sources close to the investigation tell WGNO News that detectives have put together a strong case, and they’re following strong leads.

“He did it to Brad, and he won’t do it to nobody else again, ever again in life.”

Negligent homicide carries a penalty of up to five years behind bars.

If you have information into the whereabouts of Larry Bernard (Armani Nicole Davenport) you’re asked to call Crimestoppers (504) 822-1111. You can remain anonymous.