Vaccine appointments available for Saturday at Shrine on Airline


METAIRIE, La. — At the Shrine on Airline, Ochsner Health is making getting your COVID-19 vaccines easier. The whole process is drive-thru.

“The convenience of drive-thru is really important to them because they don’t have to get out of their car, they don’t have to park and walk, Dawn Pevey with Ochsner Health said.

There are six different drive-thru lanes for patients to drive up to get their vaccines.

“The entire process is in their vehicle, in the comfort of their family and friends and the radio,” she said.

At today’s drive-thru vaccination, 2,700 Johnson & Johnson vaccines were given and tomorrow they still have over 1,000 Pfizer vaccines available by appointment that Ochsner is hoping to fill.

“Inventory is a week to week allocation so when you’re opening schedules on Tuesday for thousands this week, we know it is just taking longer to fill them,” Pevey said.

Ochsner encourages folks to sign up online at or call 844-888-2772 to schedule your vaccine appointment.

“We want everyone to get scheduled and the reason for that is it prevents long lines,” she said.


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