UPDATE: Shell gas station clerk identified in armed robbery & homicide in Kenner


KENNER, La.– Kenner Police continue to investigate an early morning homicide and armed robbery at a Shell gas station where a store clerk was shot and killed.

“When you see someone begging for their life, it just hits you hard,” Lt. Michael Cunningham with the Kenner Police Department said.

Cunningham says it is hard to make sense of this horrible homicide and armed robbery that took place around 2 a.m. on Monday morning at the Shell gas station at 3501 Williams Blvd.

Police say both suspects entered the store, looking around as if they were going to buy something. One of the suspects produced a handgun and demanded money. The other suspect stood by the door of the business. The clerk complied with the demands of the suspect with the gun.

Police say he handed over what was in the cash register, which was $100.

“As the clerk was on his knees one of the suspects came behind the counter and killed him. For a small amount of money the victim complied and was still shot, it was just brutal and senseless,” Cunningham said.

The store clerk who was shot in the torso was 30-year old, ABD El Ghader Sylla. He was from North Africa, and he had only been working at the Shell Station for a few days, according to police.

Cunningham said he never provoked the suspects and the suspects just ran off.

“These are some dangerous individuals,” he said.

Kenner police continue to investigate with the help of the Jefferson Parish Crime lab.

“Right now we are working on whatever forensic evidence we have. We think that will be promising. We are also collecting video from nearby businesses in the area, and a possible suspect vehicle,” he said.

Lt. Cunningham says senseless crimes like this are rare in Kenner.

“Been a couple of years since we’ve had that, a homicide and armed robbery,” Lt. Cunningham said.

If anyone has any information on this case, you’re asked to call CrimeStoppers at 504-822-8111.


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