{Update: Hard Rock Collapse} Timeline moved. Quinnyon Wimberly will not be removed Friday.



The demolition crew at the Hard Rock Hotel is getting closer to the area where the body of one of the victims has been trapped since last October and members of his family– Quinnyon Wimberly’s relatives stood by watching the progress on south Rampart Street.

Bittersweet is how the Wimberly family is describing the moments they stand by as crews begin to remove debris from where Quinnyon Wimberly is.

It’s bittersweet because, they are so close to getting their loved one back and being able to lay him to rest but, they won’t see that happen today.
At 4:30 Friday afternoon, the Wimberly’s were told the crews have decided that their new timeline is set for Saturday around noon.

Friday, the demolition and construction crews spent the day working to clear a smooth path for the Urban Search and Rescue team to get in.

Once its clear to go in, Urban Search and Rescue will take over but, keep in mind it could be several hours before the remains are removed. They must collect forensic evidence first.

For Frank Wimberly, Jr. today is frustrating continuing to wait but, he said he knows that safety for the Urban Search and Rescue is important.


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