Univeristy Medical Center to provide COVID-19 vaccines


NEW ORLEANS – Since December 14th, 2020, Ochsner Health confirmed, their organization has vaccinated more than 67,000 people including community physicians, Oschner employees, and those who were age 30 and up. However, last week Ochsner wasn’t given more doses of the vaccine causing scheduled appointments to be put on hold. However, University Medical Center has not reported a shortage of the vaccination.

  “UMC as a hospital, continues to have vaccines for this week and so we have schedules built out at all of our LCMC hospitals,” LCMC Health Medical Director for Emergency Management, Jeffrey Elder said. “This is a week-by-week allocation that we get from the Federal Government through the Louisiana Department of Health so we are watching our schedules closely.”

Elder says UMC receives thousands of doses of the Covid vaccine between all six locations. While he doesn’t anticipate UMC running out of doses in the near future, he encourages everyone to get the shot as soon as it’s made available to the public.

“If we wanna get back to having Jazz Fest, and French Quarter Fest, and large crowds, we all have to be vaccinated,” said Elder. “So, it’s gonna take some time- we’re just at the beginning of this, but I think this really is the beginning of getting us through this.”

If you’re interested in getting the COVID-19 vaccination, visit lcmc.org


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