NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Neighbors who live in the Tremé neighborhood are fed up with roadwork that appears to be forgotten.

Those who live on Governor Nicholls Street, between N Tonti and N Miro streets, are wondering why no one has returned to complete the roadwork they started.

“We have trees growing up, thick grass growing on in, there are crates that were left there from when they first came,” explained Edgar Sierra, who lives on Gov. Nicholls Street.

Sierra says he last saw crews working on the road in mid-February, and since then, his neighbors have been dealing with a dug-up portion of the road right in front of their homes.

“[My neighbors] gotta drive through this trench every day in and out; unacceptable! They should have quality of life in their golden years,” said Sierra. “They shouldn’t have to put up with this kind of nonsense.”

Sierra says one of his neighbors has not been able to sell his house because of the incomplete road work.

“Obviously, who is going to move in there? You can’t even put a U-Haul truck out here,” said Sierra.

He and his fellow neighbors are hoping their complaints are heard.

“We just need some sensible human being out there, who can look at this and say, ‘Hey, let’s get it resolved.’ I’m pretty sure if this was in front of their door, it would have been resolved a long time ago,” said Sierra. “I don’t get it.”

According to a spokesman for the city, the Sewerage and Water Board has to perform a water valve test closure in preparation for a waterline tie-in in the 2300 block of Gov. Nicholls Street. Once it’s complete, the roadwork will resume within two weeks of a successful tie-in. The city expects the test closure to occur within the next month, according to the spokesman