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MANDEVILLE, La. — Two friends from Mandeville used to work at an insurance company together. Now they have the opportunity of a lifetime to pitch their innovative idea, “The Better Bedder” on ABC’s hit show, “Shark Tank.”

Judy Schott and Nita Gassen got the idea for “Better Bedder” four years ago when Judy’s son didn’t want to make his bed.

“My son Tyler was sleeping on the sofa because the bed was too hard to make. Me and my friend Nita were always good at inventing things, so I called her and we put our heads together and we started at Home Depot with curtain rods and curtain compartments,” Schott said.

“We bought a sewing machine, and I googled and YouTubed how to sew and we figured it out and after several prototypes later we had it,” Gassen said.

“Many months and many days of sewing later and the ‘Better Bedder’ was born,” Schott said.

“The ‘Better Bedder’ is like a giant headband that wraps around your mattress. Once you put it on once it becomes part of the mattress. You fit the sheet into the ‘Better Bedder’ and once the sheets are on, they won’t come out of the ‘Better Bedder’, you can kick and pull and they are going to stay on tight,” Gassen said.

Many are already on-board, making their beds better with “The Better Bedder.”

“We’ve sold probably about ten to fifteen thousand at this point. When COVID hit, there were a lot of seniors who were at home making their beds and they found us on the internet and sales started to really increase,” Schott said.

Now it is just up to the real sharks to decide if these talented inventors get a real deal!

These two inventors have been friends for 15 years.

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