Two days before Thanksgiving and all’s well at MSY


 Two days before Thanksgiving and travelers at the new terminal at Armstrong International are reporting only smooth sailing to this point.

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel periods for any airport, and this year, it is the first big test for the new terminal which opened a couple weeks ago.

But weather conditions across the country are complicating some people’s travel plans. Millions of people from California to Michigan are under winter weather advisories. Some could see snow and others, heavy rain.

But outside of a couple flights from Denver being canceled, so far travelers at Armstrong International are seeing very few problems.

On this day, airport workers say travel is light compared to the previous Sunday and Monday. They also expect tomorrow, the day before Thanksgiving, to be very busy as well as the following Sunday and Monday.

If you have travel plans out of MSY for Thanksgiving, airport workers suggest that you arrive two hours prior to your flight’s departure time.  They also suggest that you check with your airline to make sure that your flight is leaving on time.

During its first few days of operation, airport reported some early hiccups with its baggage handling system as well as security checkpoints at the new terminal.  But those issues appear to be ironed out. Also, there is double the parking now.


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