(WGNO) – The friends of a Tulane student who died this past week in a house fire are remembering their friend for her positivity and selflessness.

Nineteen-year-old Lindsay Wiener and her older sister were killed after being trapped on the second story of the home in New York.

Lindsay’s friends say she had plenty of friends, but she made each one feel special.

“She always looked out for us, like every time she had a plan, we were included,” Lindsay’s friend Haley Agranoff said. “She was just the best friend you could possibly imagine.”

The Tulane students say she always put her friends’ needs before hers. Lindsay’s friend, Jordyn Gitler, recounted the last time she saw her. Gitler visited her at her dorm on Tulane’s campus.

“And when I was finally ready to leave, it was pouring rain, and she didn’t want me to get wet, so she was taking garbage bags out from under her bed and cutting holes in them for my head and my arms and putting them on me, so that I wouldn’t get wet on the way back from my dorm,” Gitler laughed.

Lindsay’s girlfriends also want people to remember her family as they mourn the loss of her and her sister Jillian.

“Meeting Lindsay and then meeting her family, we knew exactly where Lindsay got all of her amazing traits from,” Lindsay’s friend Katie Smyth explained. “Her parents, her brother, her sister, they all exemplify those traits, and I just want people out there to be more like Lindsay. I want to be more like Lindsay. “

The group of friends say they’re now making sure they carry on her legacy of bringing smiles to people’s faces.

“My friends and I are talking about raising money to build a bench in one of her favorite spots on campus, and we’re definitely going to make sure that every single year, as much as we can, make a large celebration for her because she deserves it,” Lindsay’s friend Lauren Erlichman said.

According to a spokesperson for Tulane University, a special celebration of Lindsay’s life is being planned for the Tulane community.

We will report those details as soon as they become available.