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NEW ORLEANS— Some people are considering today’s vaccine delivery the beginning of the end of the pandemic, and that might be true but experts say we have a long way to go.

That’s why Tulane University Medical Center has teamed up with the folks from Johnson & Johnson and Janssen to work on another vaccine, but they need volunteers for the trial.

Dr. Keith C. Ferdinand, the Gerald S. Berenson Chair at the Tulane School of Medicine said,
“(Unlike the other vaccines), it’s a one shot. It’s a different vaccine so the study is to see the safety and efficacy of this new one.”

Ferdinand also says that it’s important to have diversity in this study, “These vaccines need to work, but they need to work for everybody so the clinical trial need to reflect those populations.”

If you’re interested in participating in in the trial, you have until Thursday to sign up. You can call 504-988-0200 for information.

You can also find out more information by clicking here.