Tulane Hybrid Operating Room: Lower risks during procedures.


NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- Tulane Medical Center is promoting a new way to perform surgeries. It’s called a “Hyrbid Operating Room.”

Safe, efficient and cost effective. Three things doctors at Tulane Medical used to describe the addition of the Hybrid Operating Room.

“There’s nothing better out there right now for the technology we have,” explained Dr. John Nerva, Tulane Medical Neurosurgeon.

Doctors at Tulane Medical are always looking for ways to improve their methods.

“The hybrid operating room has the ability for our operating teams to do both endovascular and neurosurgical procedures. Endovascular meaning minimally invasive treatment through the arteries to treat aneurysms AVMs and strokes. It’s also allows us to do open surgical procedures which involve a craniotomy or a brain surgery or surgery through the skull,” said Dr. Nerva.

In simple terms, it’s a surgical theatre, equipped with top notch medical imaging devices.
With a flexible design and resources, more procedures are taking place in Hybrid ORs.

“Tulane Medical Center is a medical strike center and the Hybrid Operating Room is another tool for us to take excellent care of our patients,” reasoned Dr. Nerva.

Work flow of a Hybrid Operating Room is crucial. The arrangement of medical equipment, operating room supplies and traffic patterns are work flow factors that all have to be cohesive for a Hybrid OR to function properly.

“This room is important because it has really state of the art technology with the imaging equipment also has lower radiation doses for patients and also helps out our providers as well quality is really spectacular,” said Dr. Nerva. “It has tools and techniques allow us to really deliver better and safer care to patients “

If you’re in need of a surgery and your hesitant, having your the procedure done in a Hybrid Operating Room might be an option.

“It’s safe to come to the hospital. Even during this pandemic we have all of the precautions in place,” shared Dr. Nerva.

The Hybrid Operating Room is one of those in place. Check with your doctor for information.


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