Tropics Heating Up — Tracking Two Disturbances

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Atlantic certainly looking like tomorrow is the first day of August, as activity starts to increase. Tracking two tropical disturbances in the basin

The first disturbance is moving into the Southeastern Bahamas tonight. 10% chance of development as it moves west-northwest. Potential to increase rainfall for south-central Florida this weekend and into the Outer Banks of the Carolinas by Sunday-Monday. No threat to our area as it turns northeast by Sunday.

The second disturbance Now a HIGH 70% chance of development within next 3-5 days. Interests in the Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands should closely monitor this system. Next name is Chantal. 

This system is still WAY out there in the East-Central Atlantic near Africa, which means we have plenty of time to watch it. Long term prospects show this system has many hurdles to cover, such as dry air and wind shear…which may cause the system to struggle to intensify altogether

The current steering patterns favor a “re-curve” track out to sea before reaching the United States if the system develops. Stronger system in the short term would favor track out to sea, weaker system would trek further west. Still worth watching…as the system is still 8-10 days away from any part of the Continental United States. Stay tuned!


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