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NEW ORLEANS — Our city has give a number of contributions to the world, not the least of which is jazz.

How the music originated is the subject of a cozy new museum in Treme, aptly named Treme’s Petit Jazz Museum, Alvin Jackson, historian and curator of the museum, explains.

It’s less than 500 square feet, but 200 plus years of history of the music and its evolution from West Africa, through the Caribbean, and voila here we are.

“The major difference between the other museums and ours is that if you want to see a real document that says this is Ray Charles at the Dew Drop Inn, we’ve got that,” Jackson says. “Others don’t have that, If you want to hear a real narrative of the connectivity, we can do that and they don’t offer that.

“I hope visitors leave with much more knowledge than they brought into the door, and would go home and spread the gospel of yes, there is an evolutionary story told about jazz, ragtime’s participants and the major players.”

It’s all interconnected.

You can find this gem at 1500 Governor Nicholls St. Check out the website for more information.