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No matter how much metro New Orleans tries to diversify its economy, tourism remains our number one economic engine.  Oil and gas, the port, and bio-med are all part of our growing economy, but tourism is still king.  And we are on the brink of not only a new year, 2013,  but a new tourism season as well.

It all starts next week with the annual Sugar Bowl game at the Superdome.  A few weeks after that its Mardi Gras 2013.   Right in the middle of this year’s carnival season we host our 10th Super Bowl.  And a couple of months after that, we host the Women’s Final Four basketball championship at the New Orleans Arena.

That’s four major events expected to generate around $1 billion of economic impact to our region, and all 4 take place within the next 100 days.  That’s about a $10 million per day impact over the next 3 months for metro New Orleans.

Oil and gas, the port, and bio-med help diversify our economy, but tourism and those tourist dollars are still the number one economic engine in New Orleans.