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NEW ORLEANS – A series of summertime storms once again brought the city of New Orleans to its knees as flooded streets brought the evening commute to a screeching halt.

Up to four and a half inches of rain fell over parts of the city in as little as an hour and a half, clogging catch basins and causing flooding in areas that were also hard hit last August.

Mayor Latoya Cantrell lifted the parking restrictions on the neutral grounds across the city and encouraged citizens to get their cars to higher ground.

Some residents though didn’t get the warning in time. In the 3600 block of Dumaine Street, even higher profile vehicles like SUVs succumbed to the floodwaters as they quickly rose.

3600 Block of Dumaine Street in Mid-City. Courtesy: Josh Adams

Meanwhile on Canal Street in front of University Medical Center, several vehicles parked earlier in the day saw floodwaters rise above the floorboards, leaving soggy owners with a mess to deal with once the waters recede.

Cars in floodwaters along Canal Street in front of University Medical Center
Meteorlogist Jason Disharoon’s vehicle escaped damage by mere inches on Canal Street.

The rains slacked off by the evening hours and are expected to finally end overnight. As drier air moves in on Saturday, it will allow homeowners and vehicle owners an opportunity to start the cleanup process.