NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans has been named Top HBCU in the state and #2 in the nation.

As the countries only historically Black and Catholic university, Xavier has been recognized as the second-highest Faith-based College in Louisiana. 

Plexuss, an education technology company seeking to connect millions of students with universities and opportunities for growth, highlighted on the schools Bachelor of Science in Data Science program saying it meets the growing demand for data scientists and analysts with the analytical and technical skills to analyze and extract information from complex data sources.

“There is a high need for people of color in data science and technology as the industry is rapidly growing with even more innovative technologies,” said Dr. Anderson Sunda-Meya, Dean of Xavier’s College of Arts and Sciences. “If we want a more just and humane society, we must continue to focus on the fundamentals necessary for the design of intelligent systems, including the extraction and translation of complex data. We want our students to be at the forefront of this developing area.” 

The program’ s interdisciplinary curriculum provides students the knowledge and skills of:

  • Information technology principles
  • Concepts
  • Practices
  • System and database software
  • Learning from data
  • Analytical thinking.  

“Our Data Science Program at Xavier offers a unique and well balanced combination of mathematics, statistics, computer science and interdisciplinary courses that lies  in the intersection of all to solve multidisciplinary problems in a multifaceted way.” said Dr. Pokhrel assistant professor of data science and statistics.