This year’s ‘Pass the Peas’ is an online benefit with an added twist


NEW ORLEANS— One local non-profit, the Made in New Orleans Foundation, or MiNO, creates opportunities for minorities in the hospitality industry.

This Thursday, is the group’s annual fundraiser called Pass the Peas and like many fundraisers this year, this one will be virtual but there’s no doubt that MiNO gets results.

Chef Syrena Johnson benefited from their efforts and she said, “I read all the articles that they said about us in New Orleans Public Schools so it wasn’t even in the books for me to do everything that I was able to do. I wouldn’t have that opportunity if it wasn’t for the minnow foundation. Full paid scholarship, going to culinary school in New York, diversifying myself, getting cultured. Coming back with a whole team of support and it was only because of the MiNO Foundation.”

Pass the Peas is a virtual event, but it includes a dinner package that you can order, and eat while you watch the event. It’s a three course meal that includes drinks and a bottle of wine.

Click here to order for Pass the Peas or to donate to the Made in New Orleans Foundation.


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