This year’s must-have Summer items

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The sun is shining and the sweet smell of Summer is in the air.

Families are planning vacations from the beach, to the mountains, and even to the snow.

WGNO has rounded up some of our favorite summer necessities, and we are sharing that list with you!


BrüMate Insulated Drinkware


BrüMate was founded on the belief that there is nothing worse than warm, flat alcohol… and I think we can all agree with that! The company stressed that they wanted customers to have an enhanced drinking experience without being limited by glass-free zones or the summer heat. And with that, BrüMate was born. The company offers a large selection of beer, wine, champagne, and cocktail drinkware. The double-insulated, stainless steel products are *guaranteed to keep your beverage cold while you’re enjoying it. Even better, it works the same for HOT products, meaning your hot coffee will stay hot while you enjoy it.

I received the Hopsulator Slim. The slim fits all 12oz slim cans. This includes White Claw, Truly, Michelob Ultra, Red Bull, etc. And y’all, it is A. GAME. CHANGER. Example: It’s May 26, minutes before 5 P.M. and approaching 91° in Southern Louisiana. I’m headed out to dinner before the final night of Bayou Country Superfest. I put my Truly in my Hopsulator and leave it in my BLACK SUV while I enjoy a sit down meal at Walk-On’s. About an hour and a half later, dinner is over and we are prepping to walk from the car to the festival. I pull my beer out of the Hopsulator, and to my astonishment… my beer is ICE. COLD. I mean, straight out of the ice chest cold. Blue mountains cold. Brain freeze cold. My friends are stunned, and are instantly asking where they can get theirs from. For me, it was that simple. I was sold. I wanted a Hospulator in every size for every drink.

I can’t be the only person in my house with cold beer, so I get one for my husband. He receives that Hopsulator Trio. This beast works with ALL 12oz cans, 16oz cans, 16oz aluminum bottles, and 16oz of your favorite drink poured into the cup. With purchase, you receive the Hopsulator, a drinking lid, and a freezable cooler block. No directions are needed, as the product is pretty self-explanatory. And my husband loves it. He has so many options when it comes to cans, bottles, or mixed drinks. The trio was the perfect deal for him.

Other products include the Winesulator, Uncork’d wine tumbler, Champagne Flute, Juggernaut, BOTT’L, GROWL’R, Imperial Pint, Flask, Shaker Pint, and NOS’R, as well as dozens of accessories.


HYDY Infuser Bottles

From their website: It began with a group of friends, a simple question, and a common idea: What’s the point of spending our lives working if we can’t make a meaningful, positive impact on society? HYDY is a forward-thinking brand with a focus on conserving water resources and protecting the environment. HYDY seeks to raise awareness about the importance of water and effect a positive change on society. By helping other people realize that a small change can make a big difference, HYDY seeks to promote water conservation, reduce the use of plastic water bottles, protect the environment and provide access to safe drinking water, thus creating a better future for everyone.

I received the “Estiva” bottle. My first thoughts: sleek design, gorgeous colors, heavy duty material, good size. With continued examination, I learned that the silicone sleeve can be removed for cleaning, etc., although I don’t want to remove it because it looks like a a lot of work to get back on. On first use, I wanted to infuse my water with fruit. I jammed as many blueberries and raspberries as I could into the infuser, and it was delicious! I have since infused my water with lemons, limes, ginger, and cucumbers. More good news? This bottle is leak-proof! That is a huge deal for me, because I am the queen of just throwing things around my car, house, inside my purse, etc. The large handle is super convenient also, as it is easy to grab in a hurry. It can also be attached to back with hooks/straps/buckles, etc. $25 may seem a little steep for a water bottle, but it is absolutely worth it for a good, infuser bottle. After two weeks of use, I find the bottle to be holding up to everyday use very well.


  • Body: Tritan
  • Cap: Food grade PP polypropylene
  • Silicone Tea Infuser: Silicone
  • Silicone Cover: Silicone

EEGO Flip Flops

“We exist to save your sole.” Our mission was simple – deliver your feet complete comfort without compromising your style. Our story started many years ago with a simple problem – how could we make our go-to footwear, a pair of flip flops, as comfortable as possible for a full day of wear. The EEGO design cradles the heel and supports your arch without sacrificing the simple style you love.

I received the EEGO Ladies Flip Flop, in Nude. Packaging was nice and the shoes arrived from the UK undamaged. When I first tried them on, I was just walking around my house, and I was SO nervous that I was about to have to write my first truly negative review. These flip flops were straight up uncomfortable. After less than 20 minutes, the arches of my feet were actually hurting. I didn’t understand how these should could possibly feel good on anyone. But I wasn’t going to give up on them that easily.

A few days later, the unthinkable happened. My house caught fire in the middle of the night. I was woken up out of a dead sleep and told to get out of the house immediately. These flip flops were right there, so I threw them on. Good news, the firefighters saved my house with minimal structure damage. The better news, these flip flops were suddenly so comfortable!

It wasn’t because I was distracted, but because for six hours, I just stood in my front yard watching 50 firefighters scramble. I. Just. Stood. There. The fire was out by 7 A.M. and it was time for us to start making phone calls and getting to work on our sad, charred, burnt up property. I wore these flips flops for ANOTHER eight hours!

The next day, and the day after. I kept going back to these flip flops. The only thing I can think of… is that my feet were so used to being uncomfortable, they took a little time to get used to comfort. Wearing them feels like walking on clouds. The sole is a soft, squishy material that offers excellent heel control and arch support, and the straps are a soft material that doesn’t bother the top of my foot. It has been a solid two weeks and I would 100% recommend these flip flops by EEGO. As far as the price, I would easily pay $30 for a good pair of sneakers or boots, so why not spend that on a great pair of sandals?

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs

A mother of two beautiful daughters just wanted them to enjoy their bath time, without harsh chemicals. Using the most simple ingredients, Lifearound2Angels was born. These homemade bath bombs are made of baking soda, citric acid, shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, organic coconut oil, epson salt, kaoling clay, water, a touch of fragrance, and skin safe colorants. Each bath bomb in the 12 pack is different, with some being topped with flower petals and glitters. The ingredients in these bath bombs work together to soften water. The butter and oils are perfect for all skin types, as it is easily absorbed to leave skin soft and smooth.

I received the Original 12-pack bath bomb gift set, and it is taking all kinds of will power to not use them all at once! They are all so beautiful! And the smell was billowing out of the box before I even opened it. Though in one box, each bath bomb is individually wrapped, to maintain freshness. The bath bombs were just the right size, at 2.5 oz. each. The scents I received were: Angel, Victorian Rose, LemonGrass and GreenTea, Lavender, Shea & Coconut, LOVE, Kiwi Strawberry, Mango Papaya, Fun on the beach, Melon Ball, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Fun in the shower.

I do not know exactly which name belongs to which bomb, but the first one I used was blue with gold glitter. I filled my tub with piping hot water. I dropped the bath bomb in and the light show began. The water quickly turned the most beautiful of blues. I let the bath bomb dissolve as I laid back in complete relaxation. I find the oils to have the most fabulous effect on my skin. I really rub the water into my skin and hair. I stayed emerged for about an hour and upon exiting the tub, my skin was SO soft. Hours later, I still felt a difference in the elasticity of my skin.

Because I got 12 bath bombs, I handed them out to some family members. My mom, brother, aunt, cousin, and husband all gave them a try. I received nothing but great reviews and questions on where they can buy them. The common denominator was that these bath bombs just smell amazing! I heard it over and over again… and they aren’t wrong!

I highly recommend these bath bombs. The 12-pack can be purchased here for 26.80 plus s&h. That makes each bath bomb about $2.50, and I don’t find that bad for amazing smelling, great quality, non-harsh bath bombs.

Dermasuri Exfoliating Mitts

Unpopular opinion… I cannot stand washcloths! When I found these mitts by Dermasuri, I was sold. One for my face, and one for my body. When you’re done, hang them to dry. They don’t get hard and gross, they go back to their natural feeling each and every time. I love to exfoliate, but not everyday. On the days that I want a deeper clean, I will use a sugar scrub with my mitt. Every other time, I just use the mitt with a tiny dab of shower gel (mostly for the good smell.)

According to the website, you should “Use the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Face Mitt as a part of your daily skin care routine to buff, cleanse and exfoliate daily. This deep cleansing scrub removes dry skin instantly while massaging and stimulating skin. Use on face, neck or shoulders to clear away dead skin, diminish the visibility of pores, exfoliate your skin and reduce blackheads.” And I approve! The face mitt is wonderful. Not too hard but not too soft. It is the perfect feel for a fresh, clean face. The mitt features slots for three or four finger to ensure the mitt doesn’t slip off. For extra support, simply press your thumb against the outside of the mitt when using. This unique fit style ensures you have a large surface area with rounded tip to ensure all over cleansing.

The Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Body Mitt is made with a unique fabric texture. The mitt visibly removes surface layers of buildup and dead skin instantly. The mitt catches and sloughs off dead cells  (which appear like small gray rolls) by simply rolling it off your skin. Then, let the exfoliating begin to reveal healthy and smooth skin. Exfoliating is known to improve circulation, stimulate collagen, fight aging, and reduce ingrown hairs, bumps and clogged pores.

This may have been the easiest review to write because there is no reason why anyone wouldn’t love these exfoliating mitts!


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