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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — In Southeast Louisiana many of us struggle without power and basic necessity. However, as power alludes the multitude we practice a bitter gratefulness.

Louisiana’s resilience is legendary and a spirit of fortitude is too bright to be sniffed out as the majority remain without power and many suffer damage to our homes. Despite this, there are still remnants of positivity in residents.

Wade Mattei lives in Harvey and says, “I think everybody is doing the best they can. I left town, I came back.  I have power now.  I have air-conditioning.  I just got power back yesterday.  It’s been around eight days, I think and I can’t be more grateful.”

As some are grateful to have power restored, some residents in the immediate New Orleans area are grateful for the kindness of a local pet store. Aquatic Sealife in Metairie dodged a bullet by saving tens of thousands of fresh and saltwater species in their inventory by hooking up temperature controls and water filtration to their backup generator. They then opened their doors to residents for them to bring in their fish for the store to look after.

Cory Bausman is an Aquatic Sealife Specialist at the store and says, “we needed to allow our customers to leave their fish here and even their corals. We wanted to give them peace of mind by keeping their fish alive while they deal with what they need to at home and not have to worry about losing anything they have.”

Many organizations continue to organize giveaways. The Whole Foods on Broad in New Orleans was open to shoppers early on in the days after the storm. They have also organized free handouts of water, ice and bananas to powerless customers.

Deborah Chapman is New Orleans resident that benefited from the Whole Foods handout and says, “I’m grateful that the community has come together to serve each other and that is what it’s about.  Love thy neighbor.  We have to love our neighbors and be there for each other so that we can get through this just like we got through hurricane Katrina.”

On Monday, the Whole Foods on Broad will be handing out meals to those without power. The event happens at 12 noon.