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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The Musee Conti Wax Museum houses 124 wax figures in the French Quarter, but they’re moving in the coming weeks, headed to storage before eventually ending up in the new and improved Jazzland theme park. But it’s a process. “The wax museum is just going to be one more added attraction to that. The whole site is 224 acres,” says developer Tonya Pope. There’s one additional proposal on the table, so it’s a waiting game for now. And if you’re made out of wax, spending a few years in an air conditioned fortress out of the limelight might not be a bad break from the crowds. “The wax itself has a special ingredient added to it that gives it almost a porcelain type texture and consistency,” says Pope. Perhaps that’s why Marie Laveau and the gang survived Katrina. She’s just one famous New Orleans character whose story is told. The museum retraces the history of New Orleans from the very beginning.
Some additional scenes to note, Napoleon Bonaparte sitting in his bathtub discussing selling the city of New Orleans with his brothers, then there’s the signing of the Louisiana Purchase. “That one in particular is set up identical to a famous painting and sculpture in St. Louis that also depicts that scene of the actual signing. And it’s interesting to note that the bank ended up getting more money from the purchase than Napoleon,” says Pope. But whatever scene inspires you the most, the message from this wax museum is not to worry, these famous figures and their place in history will be well preserved.