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It’s been said good things come in small packages.  But what do they say about the little things?

A harmonizing ukulele duo may be able to shed some light.

For starters, musicians Katy Channing and Shanece Gransam teamed together and named themselves The Little Things.

Ukulele is their little instrument of choice singing little songs that most people can sing along, a little, “It’s whatever we want,” says Katy. “We do Beatles then we do Britney Spears.”

She says after moving a little north from Florida The Little Things are blessed to now live in the Big Easy, “I love this city. It has my heart.”

“And it was Super Bowl by the time we actually got out here,” chimes in Shanece.  “So it was very very profitable for us.”

Katy says an open mic on Halloween originally brought The Little” Things Together, “Then we started dating in January. Which was 1/11/11.”

“We were both dating other people and stuff,” says Shanece.  “Then we’re like yeah, this just needs to happen.”

A little bit is going a long way for The Little Things in a place they say is a little like home, “It’s the best city ever. Whoever you are just be yourself and that’s how everyone is around here. We meet fantastic people who do wonderful things. Like work for WGNO.”

“It’s the little things that make you happy!”

Contact the Little Things through their Facebook page