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NEW ORLEANS– A popular spot int the Bywater— The Country Club New Orleans is helping ease their guests worries with new air conditioning system to fight bacteria and viruses.

They’ve been closed for the past three months because of the coronavirus, but today they re-opened with a new safety feature in their air conditioning unit which helps filter the air and fights harmful bacteria and viruses.

WGNO’s Kenny Lopez went to The Country Club to check out their new A/C safety feature in their restaurant & bar building.

At The Country Club they aren’t only wearing masks and wiping the tables and chairs thoroughly they’re also making sure the air is clean.

They’ve added an extra filter to their A/C system which uses amazing technology that produces hydroperoxide plasma and ultra violet light to purify surfaces and the air.

“I started hearing about stagnant air so I thought what could I do to make it safer for guests and staff,” Bert McComas, the General Manager of The Country Club said.

The name of the system is “Reme Halo.”

“It is said to kill 99 percent of bacteria, mold, and viruses, and even effective against the SARS virus in China,” he said.

The United States military uses this A/C system in their field hospitals.

“I want people to feel safe, but more importantly I want them to be safe,” McComas said.

All of The Country Club’s new safety precautions, rules, operation hours, and procedures for their restaurant, bar, and swimming pool can be found, HERE.