The City of Mandeville increases pay for some frontline workers during public health emergencies


NEW ORLEANS – Last Thursday, the Mandeville City Council unanimously voted to increase Frontline worker’s pay $7 per hour if they work during a public health emergency – something the Mandeville Mayor Clay Madden says is vital. 

“We didn’t have one in place for the last shutdown. One of our neighboring cities, Slidell, they quickly put together a $5 extra an hour emergency pay,” Madden explained. “We wanted to be proactive and have one to differentiate from a hurricane type cause we do have a policy for hurricane emergency pay.”

Mandeville police officers say they’re thankful for the recent change. 

“This takes one of those stressors away from doing the job,” said one police chief. “We go to people’s homes every day on calls for service. We deal with people in their businesses – traffic stops.”

“I hope it sends the message that we care about you and we want to make sure that you are taken care of,” Madden said. “We want to be proactive for you if this were to happen again.”


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